Appendix I

Report of an Interview

[In the past nine years the editor has engaged in Sambhäshanam (Sanskrit for mutual conversation) with many people on the subject of Gnänam–phenomenal knowledge–and on the real identity of J. People from many countries of East and West have met him for this purpose. They belong to and represent many different persuasions and streams–writers, lawyers, journalists, film personalities, bible preachers, university students, travellers, Brahmins, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. Some have remained in the editor’s Ashram for long or brief periods. Others were visitors of a few hours or longer. The conversations while always impersonal were never didactic or formal but were always both contributive and receptive at the same time.

[The following report was prepared by the editor from some of the questions and answers that have figured in these conversations. There are also one or two points that have not directly come up in the conversations but are included by the editor because of its topicality or because they are otherwise important. Of course, the conversations were far more detailed and lengthy than would appear from this report. What is given here is merely an outline of some of the most important and topical points covered in these conversations that took long hours over many weeks and months. The report is conceived and framed in the mode of a newspaper interview. It is being published for the first time.]

Decisive new findings have emerged on the true identity of Jesus who has been regarded by millions to be the son of god.

Leo Panakal claimed that the findings augur well for man although it would break the cornerstone of the christian faith.

He said his conclusions were objective and scientific. They also correctly answered the questions as to who in reality was Jesus.

“Jesus is in reality the devil supreme covered by a nearly perfect cloak of goodness,” he said.

“The true nature of the bible book is that it is the self revelation of Lucifer in the act of rebelliously auto regarding himself to be the god or perfection of goodness.

“Jesus’ stated wish for the end of the world is in reality the Luciferian cover he applies on his own total annihilation. He wishfully counts his own Sarvanäsham (Sanskrit for total self-destruction) to be the end of the world and the destruction of mankind.”

L.P said this was the high point of the demoniacness of Lucifer. He said Lucifer has proclaimed elsewhere that he was man’s supreme enemy.

L.P said his conclusions were based on the bible. The bible inevitably has the same feature as Lucifer. One version will carry the demoniac reality and other versions of the same text the rebellious cover of the reality. Although mutually differing over words or passages that have to do decisively with the identity, all bible books are equally authentic, each one being a true self expression of Lucifer.

L.P said the above system as such was also subject to rebellion which overrides everything, rebellion being Lucifer’s dominant gene as also the gene that differentiates him from Beelzebub. The true identity of Lucifer as Jesus and its rebellious cover lie spread along and overlapping many different bibles. A book containing a certain aspect of the true identity may itself carry the rebellious cover of another aspect at another place. Another book may start with the rebellious cover of yet another aspect of the identity. In this case the reality part of that aspect may be confined to a single book out of all the rest.

L.P also said Jesus has rebelliously affirmed on the very last page of the bible book that he is in fact the Lucifer.

L.P said Abel was in reality murdered by Jesus alias Lucifer. That first murder was transfixed on man by employing guilt. The sin found in christianity alone is a genetic transference of guilt. Guilt is in reality all about imagined offence. Guilt and sin are mutually interchangeable. L.P said the bible has positively interchanged guilt and sin at genesis 4,7 in words of its real author Lucifer.

L.P also said guilt and sin are both irredeemable for the reason of that their existence is subjective. L.P said christianity has changed the gene of man by implanting an irredeemable guilt in the genetic environment of the race. The Rome pope is continuing this, he added.

Genesis 4,7 has another passage in which Lucifer incites Cain vainly to kill his brother. L.P said the passage is suppressed in every other book and substituted with another one of Lucifer in which appear sin and its redeemer for the first time.

Sin really originates at this point in this manner from Lucifer alias Jesus, L.P said. The true original sinner is he that originated sin, he added.

L.P said incarnation is in reality the rebellious label used by christianity as cloak for its fulfilment of the abstract Vedic concept of fornication between devil and a human female. Such fornication would produce fundamental changes in the somatic tissues of the female, turning here into a living Yakshi (female devil). Mary is the only one person in this category. Joseph who subsequently cohabited with her and produced offspring turned into a devil by transfusion of those tissue changes.

L.P said father and son are one and the same person since both have demoniacness in common.

L.P said the being speaking to Eve in the form rebelliously portrayed in the bible book as serpent is in reality Sivan who is conceptualised personification of supreme Gnänam, supreme goodness and supreme redemption of man from Lucifer.

L.P also spoke on music and finally on the release of man upon the termination of christianity. He said the phenomenal gene of music, towards whose condition all art ever aspires, is engineered in the bible book from Cain, who in the christian frame is the first murderer, rather than from Seth, Adam’s third son born after Abel’s murder, from whom the so-called redeemer gene is engineered. He said by thus engineering the necrosis of music Lucifer was closing to man its cathartic potency. L.P said both the necrosis and the catharsis of phenomenal music are together reflected ever so clearly in the music of singer K.L.Saigal, making it, in the result, at once so sad and yet so consoling.

L.P also said in this context that the cathartic potency of phenomenal music was comparable to the redemptive potency of phenomenal Gnänam, which Lucifer had earlier closed to man and which Sivan opened out of his desireless auto compassion.

L.P said christianity has come to an end with the true identity of Jesus which has now become part of man’s positive knowledge. Man’s release from guilt is a source of new energy for him. Whatever man has achieved hitherto is in spite of christianity and in a struggle against guilt. Man will open 2000 A.D. with a stock of strength he acquired all by himself in that process along with the new energy he is about to acquire from true Gnänam. Christianity will disappear from the collective memory of the race. But its memory will continue to cause shudder to the great as a pseudo religion responsible for the most frightful epoch of history.

L.P said that the involuntary termination of christianity, Hinduism of the present form will bow out in mangalam (Sanskrit for benevolence and one of the five auto qualities of Sivan) as it would have fulfilled its purpose of redeeming man from Lucifer and the pseudo religion of christianity.