Appendix III – “No more Christianity”

Appendix III

“No More Christianity!”

[The following lines are excerpted from an editorial with the above title carried frontally in the very last number of INSIGHT issued under its past constitution as “a journal of orthodox doctrine”.

[That kind of past is described as “Prärabda Karmam” in Sanskrit–“the past of a gene that has begun to bear fruit”. That past phase has fructified in the present as the Nischala Tathwam (reality unchangeable) of the true identity of Mary Jesus, and the Aavirbhävam (emergence) of Sivan into the total consciousness as a wholly positive being and the radiatory source of all goodness.

[The lines below are gleaned from that necessary past.]

On the one hand, we have the evidence supplied by one of our valued contributors. He has notified us that Rev. Fr. Oesterrichher, a priest who was one of the perituses at Vatican II, has made a statement in the Morning News of Dallas, U.S.A. (May 7, 1977) to the effect that–to quote the words of our contributor–“he still considered himself a Jew rather than a Christian.”

Secondly, we have a report of the “installation” of Bishop James S. Rausch as bishop of the diocese of Phoenix, Arizona. Let us quote from the report: “One picture [in a publication dedicated to the “installation”] shows Bishop Rausch piously meditating and on the opposite page, we see all the bishops (weird symbols on their clothing) ‘concelebrating’ the ‘installation’ Mass. At the front of the table cloth we see written in bold letters ‘I BELIEVE IN THE SUN’ with a picture of the sun and more weird symbols around the bottom.”

The published statement of Fr. O. that Christianity was a historical mistake is further corroborated by the slogan displayed at the installation advocating worship of nature, instead of faith in the Son.

–INSIGHT, Vol.III-No.1, July 1977