Biblical Absurdity

Mark 14:30: “And jesus saith unto him, Verily I say unto thee, that this day, even in this night, before the cock crows twice, thou shalt deny me thrice.”

Few paragraphs down, Mark writes a minute account of how Peter denied jesus three times to compatriots. “Meanwhile, Peter was in the court without, and one of the maid-servants of the high priest came by; she saw Peter warming himself, and said, looking closely at him, thou too was with jesus the Nazarene. Thereupon he denied it; I know nothing of it, I do not understand what thou meanest. Then he went out into the porch; and the cock crew. Again the maid looked at him and said to the bystanders, This is one of them. And again he denied it. Then, a little while afterwards, the bystanders said to Peter, It is certain that thou art one of them; why, thou art a Galilean. And he fell to calling down curses on himself and swearing, I do not know the man you speak of. Then came the second cock-crow; and Peter remembered the word jesus had said to him, Before the second cock-crow, thou wilt thrice deny me”(14:66-72).

But here is how jesus says the same thing in Luke: “A cock will not crow today until you have three times denied knowing me” (22:34).

In Mark, jesus tells Peter that before the cock crows twice that night, he, Peter, will have denied jesus thrice. But in quoting the same words of jesus, Luke plainly contradicts with what Mark quotes. Luke says the cock will crow for the first time only after Peter has denied him thrice. Needless to say, the cock in Luke’s book does crow at the time specified!

Mark’s assertion is suppressed by Luke. The latter writes instead that the cock will not crow at all before Peter had denied jesus thrice. Similarly, Mark avoids Luke’s assertion that the cock will begin crowing that night only after Peter had thrice denied jesus.

In short, each one knew what the other had written. Even then, their accounts are mutually contradictory. John unwittingly writes at 8:44: “When he utters falsehood, he is only uttering what is natural to him; he is all false, and it was he who gave falsehood its birth.” The words of John regarding the devil become meaningful only in jesus, the common author of these books.

The entire text of the bible in all its characters and syllables in all its different books in all their multitudinous versions is authenticated as error-free patented word of god. The authentication is comprehensive in its wording. It is inherent being itself part of the bible. It is all-inclusive being the last sentence of the whole book.

Rev. 22:18-19: “To all who hear the words of prophecy this book contains, I give this warning. If anyone adds to them, god will add to his punishment the plagues which this book threatens; and if anyone cancels a word in this book of prophecy, god will cancel his share in the book of life, in the holy city, in all that this book promises.”

(Readers will note that the present authors have cancelled the term “God” by removing the capitalisation.

(The christian god is a unique ex-god, one out of many as he himself admits at Gen. 3:22: “Here is Adam become like one of ourselves.” His singular affectation of supreme godship turns him into supreme devil.)