A Journal of the Sanäthana Dharma*  [Kochi, India]  Founded 1971  Revised by IDENTITY PUBLISHERS  SWITZERLAND

Vol. IV, No. 1 Editor: Leo Panakal Apr. 1997
Co-Editor & Manager: Vinodh Kumar


1. Jesus = Lucifer = THE Devil

2. Epilogue – It is the “lord” that killed Abel

3. Appendix I- Report of an Interview

4.  Appendix II-On Dissolution of the Age of Lucifer

5.  Appendix III-“No more Christianity”

6.Preview – christianity proved as Paisacha Vivaham/Fornication by the Devil

7. Some Notes of Explanation and Guidance to the Reader

8. Glossary 



*Sanäthana Dharma: Sanskrit for Goodness Everlasting

– INSIGHT is published without legal formalities as a journal of “substantial matter” under judgement of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Kochi, India, File 157 of 1974
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