Jesus = Lucifer = THE Devil

Jesus = Lucifer =THE Devil

Jesus=Lucifer=THE Devil:Vagh artha …
–Kalidasa, Raghuvamsam
(See at note 18 for translation)

Eighteen years have elapsed since the last issue of INSIGHT was published. 1 Merely the subject and content of the present issue would explain and indeed justify that long period with no further copy. In the course of his renewed investigation of Hinduism and christianity during this time, the editor gained insight into the real identity of jesus, alias christ, whom the christians call god and/or son of god and by whose supposed authority, typically the Rome pope implants and promotes his alleged credo all over. The real identity of jesus is the authentic key to the bible book. Everything contained in that book, and the book itself as a whole, automatically fits in its proper place, and unveils its correct meaning, by use of this key.

Our method of analytical and synthetic examination exposes the bible book as the SELF EXPRESSION OF THE MIND OF LUCIFER–THE DEVIL SUPREME–REBELLIOUSLY AUTO REGARDING HIMSELF INITIALLY TO BE THE GOD AND SUBSEQUENTLY UPON EJECTION BY MARY TO BE THE SON OF GOD. Since the various internal features of the bible book conform to the definitive and illustrative norms of scripture, 2 the methodology of our investigation consists of analysis of the material actually encountered therein. Each passage, term or punctuation is truly and by definition underived. 3 Therefore, they objectively correspond with definitions of those terms or punctuations by authoritative neutral sources. Also equally meaningful is the suppression 4 of a text or term existing in one or more than one version and missing or replaced in another version. Suppressions – and substitutions – both have their own meaning and purpose. Since that meaning and purpose remain deeply embedded in the mind of real author of the bible book – in complete accord with his true identity as Lucifer – and constitute the substratum 5 of that book, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE BOOK UNLESS THIS TRUE IDENTITY IS UNDERSTOOD IN THE FIRST PLACE AND USED AS THE MASTER KEY. 6



a) “Meekness” by definition exclusively denotes deficiency. 7

b) Deficiency is a negative state.

c) This negative state, however, invites tormentation by Lucifer. 8

d) The same negative state, however, invites “blessings” by Jesus, 9 uterine son of Mary 10 by spiritual intercourse with the devil. 11

e) Lucifer is a rebel. 12

f) Lucifer is at the same time a devil. 13

g) Relating c, e and d, Jesus, therefore, is a multiple rebel.

h) It follows from g that Jesus is Lucifer doubled.


j) And, furthermore, christianity is incarnation of the devil.
• The spiritual intercourse in d in turn transformed Mary into a female devil or Yakshi by mutation of body tissues. 14

• Since Mary later was impregnated by Joseph producing at least two, if not three, daughters, 15 Joseph underwent a similar transformation and became a devil in that process.

• This explains Joseph’s recent apparition in company with Mary and Jesus. 16



k) J has actually proclaimed 17 in the bible book that he is Lucifer. 18

l) That proclamation is supported by independent testimony in the same book. 19

m) Hence J is Lucifer, so adjudged from self confession 20 corroborated by independent testimony.



n) The being depicted suddenly appearing 21 in “garden of Eden”, 22 conversing with so-called Eve 23 and evanescing 24 is Siva 25

o) “Serpent” in the bible book named “genesis” is rebellious symbolic 26 representation of Siva, primal serpent 27 being Siva’s ornament 28 and also because Lucifer is all rebellion against Siva. 29

p) Indictment of J Lucifer by Isaiah 30 confirms:
i. so-called serpent in “genesis” writing stands for Siva, and
ii. J is Siva’s adversary. 31

(end of A, B, C)



to be continued at D, E, F