The Project

Our present project has come out of new perceptions since publication of the identity. New data has also become available in the recent past, especially in the genetics of cloning.

[The statement bears on the epoch before discovery of the human genome code—Ed.) All this new data and experience while underlining the original identity in every respect at the same time expands, strengthens and seals it.

The project envisages a new treatise on the identity incorporating the salient points of the works so far published in a single volume. At the same time this new popular volume will update itself with data that accrued since that time. Lastly, the new volume will be so organised in its preparation as to be easily accessible to one and all in respect of both content and formulation.

This proposed work should be projected worldwide and more particularly in audiences, institutions and territories that are or have been marked targets of the christian affectation. It should be made available most numerously in English and largely in French, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese translations—in addition to those in the ethnic languages of India. These translations should be constantly monitored for the utmost accuracy with the original by chosen experts. We as originators and applicants will be responsible for compiling and publishing the original in addition to organising and supervising the translations.

The projected new edition of the identity would be tabled, argued and defended by us before the world media, both visual and print, in the same proportion as the christian establishment has been doing for long. From the weight of the evidence, the present servility of the media in regard to what it publishes as the christ and what in truth is Lucifer should and would become a thing of the past.

All of this work would be undertaken at the present locations in Switzerland and India making use of the most modem communication advantages. In India the location is at Cochin, a settlement from where popish christianity managed to breed in the East. The outlying Keralan land is now a simmering hotbed of global clericalism and nunnery, the same as Europe was in the middle ages.

The projected new volume will encompass all the latest advances of knowledge particularly in the science of genetics since the time the existing books were composed. This new volume along with our other works as listed will he tendered as the conclusive documents against christianity in a contemplated process for its legal eradication as a criminal fraud against humanity. This process will be framed and filed by us in the aptest judicial forum in a chosen country. The Rome pope will be cited as chief defendant.

As this will be our definitive move against Christianity as the source of all evil, we would like to go into it in some detail.

Let us begin with the present stage of the projected full-fledged trial.

We are referring to an existing verdict exonerating Cain of the murder of Abel. Such a verdict was handed by 4 to 3 judges on the basis of a comprehensive trial of Cain by a mock court in Venice in 1988 and reported worldwide by the media. The mock trial was devoid of jurisdiction but otherwise scrupulously administered, with participation of magistrates, criminologists, prosecution and defense counsels, witnesses, etc. The christian establishment has consistently vilified Cain before successive generations of mankind as the first exemplar of the christian, original sin.

This will be particularly exposed in the legal process as the archetype of all cover-up operations.

The question as to who actually assassinated Abel was not addressed as such by the mock court. This will be a major concern of the projected comprehensive trial of christianity. The evidence against the Christian god as the real assassin is already conclusively set out at several places in our existing titles, but most elaborately in the chapter Assassination of Abel: The Site Configuration and jesus’ Conviction in our present volume The Key to the bible.

The right moment for the projected frontal prosecution of Christianity is when the identity has been thoroughly and widely aired through the projected popular volume and translations. We expect those who defended Cain at Venice to come forward and join with us in the frontal prosecution.

They as well as other legal luminaries picked for their concern over human society will be empanelled for working with us in framing and pursuing this lawsuit of the millennium.

We now proceed with a bird’s-eye view of the projected lawsuit.

Religion and guilt are defined respectively as pursuit of perfection of goodness and feeling of culpability over imagined offences. For the reason that the christian god applies suggestion upon Cain to go and kill Abel he is straightaway demonstrated to be the antithesis of the definition. Since Abel admittedly propitiated him to the exclusion of Cain, he is further identified as Lucifer from the latter’s avowed attribute of especial infliction of his diehard servitors. The projection of such an entity before generations of mankind as its redeemer and embezzlement of incalculable quantities of its wealth in the process is but the ultimate in fraud.

The Christian sin from which the supposed redemption is proffered is actually admitted by their own texts as an identical counterpart of guilt.

“There is sin CROUCHING at your entrance,” says the Christian god to man in Cain in words that seek novelly to deploy it from inertia in his own (Christian god’s own) self. There is GUILT CROUCHING at your entrance,” says he in another affirmation of the selfsame text (genesis 4,7). As guilt is irredeemable because imagined, so is its inescapable counterpart of Christian sin irredeemable.

The entire Christian exercise from its inception to termination is thus a fraud consciously undertaken at the expense of, and for the liquidation of, man in his innocence and goodness by way of an irredeemable sin/guilt. For this reason, it should be made the subject matter of a judicial investigation for the survival of man, his truth, his justice, which after all is the overriding concern of law.



The systemic change that will occur in the wake of our work as it proceeds and fructifies will be fundamental in nature—a change of perception. As a result the present compartmentalization of mankind as East and West will give way to a correct vision of mankind as one in all essential respects. Christianity is responsible for the arrest and arrogation of this original vision. Going beyond the measured-out undoing of christianity, Isaiah has indeed detailed the coming systemic revolution. The pre-christian scriptures on the other hand expressly promote the same revolution when avowing their own spontaneous fadeout after the exoteric liquidation of christianity.


The final termination of organised religion constitutes the goal of our twin organisations. Christianity is the germinal organised religion.

Termination of christianity by correct knowledge of its identity will bring about the liberation of mankind as a whole from organised religion and consequent darkness of consciousness and resource loss of every kind.


The primary part of the project is a new, popular, comprehensive volume prepared for the general public in English and translations in many languages. Making use of all standard channels and other necessary means, the work will be promoted worldwide through bookshops, media coverage and other instrumentalities. The projected judicial process will follow in the aftermath of the primary project as its automatic second stage.