Root Cause of all Problems

The existence of christianity is the root cause of all social problems. Humanist scholars like Peter Brown have studied christianity in the background of earlier value systems that it uprooted. Brown shows how the earlier societies eminently fitted in, and contributed to, ‘the calm order of the universe” which he has unearthed as the complexion of the time. The identity of a person was perceived as sharing in, and contributing to, this order. Brown notes the ‘profound change” that took place with the rise of christianity in this sense of the stability of man’s identity.

Brown’s words on ‘the christian breaching of the established map of the universe” bear repetition. He speaks of the darkness spoken of in the ancient texts in which all ancient landmarks would be blotted out. He speaks too of the ‘final death” of cultures that had existed since prehistory. ‘By the sixth century, the only major settled civilisations that maintained a paganism [purism] reaching back without dislocation to the preclassical world, west of India and east of Ireland, was the Zoroastrian culture of Sassanian Iran: elsewhere, in Egypt, in Mesopotamia, in Anatolia and in western Europe, the ancient preclassical world had come to a definitive end.”

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