Son of Man

Son of Man or Son of Satan?

Unlike jehovah, Jesus calls himself son of man. But then, was he really a human being?

Matthew 4:1-3: “Then the spirit led Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the devil.

After spending forty days and nights without food, Jesus was hungry.” Jesus fasted in the desert during the period. This means that he spent forty days and nights without food and without water. It is anatomically impossible for a human creature to survive that long without drinking any water. Since Jesus has done it, he is no human. He does not need food or water to keep ticking.

He announced to the disciples that he eats food of a kind unknown to them. John 4:31-34: “Meanwhile, his disciples were urging him, master, take some food. But he told them, I have food to eat of which you know nothing. My meat is to do the will of him who sent me.”

John carefully says that blood as well as water came out from him when he was pierced. John 19:34: “But one of the soldiers opened his side with a spear; and immediately blood and water flowed out.”

When a dead body is pierced, blood may come out. If the bladder is pierced, a mixture of blood and urine might come out, but not one of blood and water. This can be distinguished only by laboratory examination. But John, who was present at the scene says, he saw blood as well as water flowing out.

Man can only be redeemed from Satan the devil supreme by man. Knowing it, Jesus rebelliously affects to be son of man.Jesus goes into anger and orders “Silence!” when a certain familiar devil blurted on an occasion: “I know exactly who you are” (Mark 1:24). But he is evasive when another devil challenges him with regard to his protestations of sonship of god.

In the course of his unanticipated remark, the first devil also said “holy one of god.”

The free use of this descriptive text by a devil betokens the true nature of the bible as self-expression of Satan the devil supreme. Satan is the only character in the band of fallen angels who affects still to be a god after having lost that title for ever by failure to hold goodness when the concept of man first began. In that process he necessarily affects to be the only god.

Jesus in fact threatened the first devil (Mark 1:25) upon hearing his words and had also exclaimed “Silence!” Most versions of Mark rebelliously suppress the threat and exclamation, duly investing them in the process with singular pertinence. Mark 1:25: “Jesus spoke to him threateningly; Silence! he said; come out of him.” Obviously, Jesus does not want the devil to continue in the same vein after he said abruptly: “I know exactly who you are.” The all-important “exactly” is suppressed by most versions of Mark!

The second devil is cited at Matthew 4:3: “Then the tempter approached, and said to him, if thou art the son of god, bid these stones turn into loaves of bread.” This is an open challenge from a fellow devil who evidently knows Jesus’ true identity and knows too that he is not the son of god as he affects. He boldly asks Jesus to turn the stones lying nearby into bread and prove the claim. Jesus on his part does not take up the challenge. He instead quotes from what his supposed father had already before caused Moses to write.

Incidentally, on the subject of devils or fallen angels, Jude has this to say: “The angels, too, who left the place assigned to them, instead of keeping their due order, he has imprisoned in eternal darkness, to await their judgement when the great day comes” (Jude 6).

The biblical almighty affirms his almightiness in the first sentence of the bible where he says he created heaven and earth in the beginning. There is no proof for this claim of his. On the other hand, the fallen angels whom he says he kept in darkness for ever have come up to the surface. Hence, the almightiness of the almighty is merely an affectation.

The fact is nobody has imprisoned these devils. They came up to the surface of their own accord in the aftermath of the surfacing of Satan their chief through the murderer Moses.

The Vedas count angels at 330 million in number, of whom a third dropped to the nether world by the self-force of unrighteous act on their part.

There exists in the bible a text that rebelliously furnishes the same proportion of fallen angels. The text is Revelation 12:3-4: “Then a second portent appeared in heaven; a great dragon was there, fiery-red, with seven heads and ten horns, and on each of the seven heads a royal diadem; his tail dragged down a third part of the stars in heaven.” The stars still in the sky signify gods.

Considering the number of angels in the Vedas, the third part of the angels who fell would come up to 110 millions. There is a text in Revelation itself which confirms the above. The text is “Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand (5:11).

Jesus rebelliously dangled before his very first followers a novel prospect of end of the world. They were assured of his ensuing reappearance in glory and their bodily transportation to an eternally lasting heaven. All of this were to occur during their lifetime itself.

Matthew 10:23: “I promise you, the son of man will come, before your task with the cities of Israel is ended.”

Just a few pages down, he extends the time limit indefinitely by widening the designated territory to the whole world.

Matthew 24:14: “This gospel of the kingdom must first be preached all over the world, so that all nations may hear the truth; only after that will the end come.” To repeat. Jesus initially says he will return before the preaching of his so-called gospel is concluded in all the cities of Israel. He says subsequently that he will only come after the same gospel is preached all over the world. It is clear from the second declaration that his purpose is the ample preaching of his rebellious gospel throughout the world by the men whom he had enrolled.

If he had said this in the beginning to those miserable men, they would have left him then and there. For, it would have been immediately seen by them as an impossible task. This is why he first promises the disciples that he will come back before they have finished preaching the so-called gospel in the cities of Israel. The promise was never kept. It turned instead into a deceit—although he had said in Matthew 24:34-35: “Truly I say to you that this generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away.” Jesus says at Matthew 28:20: “And behold I am with you always, yes, till the end of the era.”

He begins saying that he will be with them for ever and immediately afterwards adds that he will be with them only till the end of the ongoing era. According to Vedas, the ongoing era is Kaliyuga (Sanskrit for ‘Age of War’––Ed.). It began at the end of the previous age, known as Dwapara. The era of Kali began after upon the ascent of Bhagwan Sri Krishna to the heavenly world.

What Jesus says in reality is that he will last only upto the end of Kali. However, being a rebel and resolute enemy of the human race, he rebelliously equates his own coextensive Kali age with the life span of the world itself. In reality, Kali is but one of four different eras, each one following the other without interruption. The Vedas while saying that the world is beginningless and endless, also declare that Kalki Avatar will appear at Kali-end, and restore Sanatana Dharma––‘goodness everlasting’.

Jesus obviously wants Kali to last for ever, as Jesus and Kali are one and the same. For this reason he declared in his parting words that he would be with them for ever.

Jesus’ declaration of his forthcoming return is now 2000 years old. If Jesus had any truth in him, his return and the end of the world should have come about long long ago.

It all shows that there is no truth in Jesus and that he is liar and the father of lies.

John 8:44: “You belong to your father that is the devil, and are eager to gratify the appetites which are your father’s. He, from the first, was a murderer; and as for truth, he has never taken his stand upon that; there is no truth in him. When he asserts falsehood, he is only uttering what is natural to him; he is all false, and it was he who gave falsehood its birth.”

This is a knowing statement. Every word in it pertains to the speaker himself, namely, Jesus. They are realised in him and in no one else. Any person who considers Jesus and his rebellious outpourings in the so-called gospels will come to the same conclusion, especially when he examines those words in any one of the four books in comparison with the same text in a different book.

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