Father and Son


 Father and Son

Jesus is trustworthy, however, in his disclosure that he and his father are one, the two being united by the common attribute of falsehood.

Says the so-called father at Genesis 2:16-17: “Thou mayest eat thy fill of all trees in the garden except the tree which brings knowledge of good and evil; if ever thou eatest of this, thy doom is death.” At Genesis 3:4-5 the serpent tells the woman: “What is this talk of death? God knows well that as soon as you eat this fruit your eyes will be opened, and you yourselves will be like gods, knowing good and evil.”

Genesis 3:22: “The god said, too, Here is Adam become like one of ourselves, with knowledge of good and evil; now therefore he should not lift his hand and gather fruit also from the tree of life and live for ever.”

The jehovah originally had said that Adam can eat the fruit of all trees except that of the tree of knowledge, which he said causes instant death. This is found to be a deceptive trap when he acknowledges soon afterwards that they would live to eat the fruit of the tree of life too and live for ever in consequence.

That acknowledgement also institutes the total reversal of whatever he originally said––manifesting him in the process as an organic liar and the inseparable father of his son.

The serpent said your eyes will be opened and you will become like gods knowing good and evil. The truthfulness of these words of the serpent is independently admitted at Genesis 3:7: “Then the eyes of both were opened.” At Genesis 3:22 the so-called god also admits to the truthfulness of the rest of the serpent’s statement. Genesis 3:22: “Here is Adam become like one of ourselves.” These words on the part of the socalled god also admit to the truthfulness of what the serpent had said that this the god knows.

In reality, everything that the serpent said is honest and truthful, while everything that came out of jehovah’s mouth is untruthful and dishonest.

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