This triggers the tooltipThis triggers the tooltipThis book began from concepts and scriptural findings originated by Leo Panakal and set out systemically in the theoretical journal Insight[1]

A perceptional canvas at once enormous and unique for its envelopment of time in all fullness and for its sweep of the East and West and of the rest of mankind has been starkly unfolded by those concepts and findings. From that vantage point, it is indeed possible, almost automatic with the aid of impeccable logic, to externalise and integrate experience in its totality and comprehend the whole of existence, in all its range and depth, in a totally integrative and indissolubly wholesome manner.

That the christian bible is the composition of Lucifer, the fallen rebel archangel and devil supreme who rebelliously auto-regards himself as, and unilaterally exerts to rival with, “God,” the “perfection of goodness,” is the subject matter of the present volume.

The truth was realised, initiated and developed in India by Leo Panakal, who had at last succeeded in isolating and rending  [2] the most characteristic segments and passages of the bible. He then worked through them indefatigably to their dominant single underlying feature of rebellion against their own and the real author’s true identity, which feature incidentally also pervades the book as a whole in varying degrees.

As regards the bible book’s text as such, the same feature manifests importantly in its programmed deletions, additions, substitutions, and suppressions, its purported genealogical tables that are only contrived for the genetic implantation of Lucifer’s ethos in the consciousness of man, and thirdly, its uniform rebellious application of literal and etymosian meaning, as distinct from literary connotation, to words, phrases, and punctuations that are central to the identification of jesus and Lucifer as one and the same being.

The correct approach to the text of the bible book is to perceive its meaning in the light of definitions and etyma of the content words, as these are to be found in authoritative neutral sources. Needless to say, this approach, eschewing as it does the pursuit of esoteric meaning, and all besides that can be termed interpretative, is fundamentally different from that of the “believers.”

The above concept, in which the bible book is listed flatteringly as scripture in the inclusive wide sense of the term, specifically places the same as the one and the only one exemplar of a counterscripture. The existence in principle of a prior scripture, of which bible is enmarked, sole counterfeit, is therefore a genuine hypothesis logically perceptible by deduction from the objective existence of the bible book, much the same way as existence of an authentic currency note can be inferred from discerning a material counterfeit. Although the identity of the real bible writer, as distinct from its principal historical writer, as well as all other writers in the same historical category, is also consequently inferable from the one consideration of such a scripture previously existing, viz., the Vedas in India, as a matter of fact the selfsame identity is also discernible directly from the bible itself.

From the autonomic thrust of his very entity as undifferentiated rebel against the reality of his gravitational fall from goodness, Lucifer is compulsively bound to reality, and hence bound also to delineate himself– rebelliously, unabashedly, totally, uniquely, and once and for all — in terms of a non-dual rebellion against goodness. A book recording that kind of delineation will, by its very nature, singularly carry the self-expression of his TOTAL beinghood as rebel against goodness, THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE BEING THE SOLE, EXHAUSTIVE, FULL, CONCRETE EXEMPLIFICATION OF THAT EXERCISE.

Further, Lucifer, alias jehovah, alias jesus, has, of necessity from rebellion constituting the very core of his being, to depict himself in such a book competitively as “God,” the “perfection of goodness,” and at the same time rebel against this very depiction in an essential and compulsive manifestation on the one hand of a comprehensive rebellion against the reality of his true identity and on the other, of a particular rebellion against his every individual act, oral as well as substantial. This means further that in the very act of rebellion against his true identity and, equally in consequence thereof, he has to reveal it too, although even this inevitably will be done in a rebellious manner.

Lucifer does all of this in his book, the bible we would repeat, and the malignant fraud went undetected for 2000 years, which is in fact the life span computed for mankind and the world in the aftermath of the same book. We consider this a biblical hint, although again inescapably rebellious, that jesus, alias Lucifer, would be exposed by identification at the expiry of 2000 years, and that he would then meet terminal disintegration from correct cognition of his real identity in representative individual consciousness, along with gradual amnesia from consciousness itself.

It is hoped that the present two works and those to follow in the same series would serve as peers to the mother of the above truths, viz., Vol. IV, No.1 of the axiomatic-cum-demonstrational journal Insight — which is already issued for quite some time now under the title jesus = Lucifer = THE Devil — and the other forthcoming issues of that precursory publication. It is also hoped that the works individually and culminatively would aid its mother above named in precipitating the termination of the luciferian age — the very age identified as Kaliyugam by the scriptures of India  [3]  — and the resultant automatic redemption of man from the gene of war-making as well as that of other crimes and proclivities genetically implanted in him at his consciousness level by that being by the way of book, and rebelliously kept cultured  [4]. by his kingdom, labelled as church.

This work, same like its companion, is meant not only for the believing christian but also for mankind as a whole, in whose psychic depths, now at last beginning to be emancipated from the fetters of religious faith, the shadow of the bible looms dark and large, constantly intimidating , unconsciously, if not consciously, with the instant lethal poison of “guilt.” Our specific propose is to free mankind from the overpowering burden and bondage of this guilt, alone manifesting in christianity’s sin, by bringing at once analytically and cathartically upward to the same sickened consciousness, in the language of commonsense, the cleverest fraud  [5] in the history of consciousness — in reality larger even than the cleverest for being shrouded in the rebellious garb of a redeeming salvation. A fraud in whose final phase the criminal assumes the robes of the judge himself!