The christian bible, according to authors Leo Panakal and Vinodh Kumar, is nothing less than a malignant fraud that went undetected for two thousand years.

The bible comprises the self-expression of Lucifer, the fallen rebel archangel and devil supreme, who affects himself in it as the christian god, a conscious parody of Easwara of the Sanskrit scriptures.

By analytically assessing the actual worth of the bible book, the authors free mankind from the fetters of guilt, or sin, instituted by christianity.

A cathartic and closely-reasoned work, The Key to the bible, together with its peer The Judgement on christianity, will leave christians aghast over the enormous fraud of their scripture, a fraud conceived by Lucifer, initiated by jehovah-god, and finalised by jesus as the alter ego of Lucifer.


«A cathartic and historically controversial work»

Vantage Press, New York


The present work and its companion The Judgement on christianity form the opening volumes of The Ancient Mother series. The series as a whole will be centrally concerned with the identity of christianity. Each title however will deal with a particular aspect of this inclusive theme.

The term “Ancient Mother” is used in these books in a universal sense beyond all considerations of race, language, history or sect.

The series as a whole will be cumulative. At the same time, each volume will be practically self-contained in its particular field, as outlined in the individual title.

The notes in all volumes will be intrinsic to the text. Although featured as footnotes, they carry the same import as the text to the general and specific themes of each volume. It is hoped that the reader will also so construe them.

The bibliography will be independent for each title in the series. Since all bible books are equally authoritative, they will not be noticed separately in the bibliography. In the present volumes, the following bible books have been quoted from or otherwise made use of: New World Translation, Knox bible, Good News bible, Gideons bible, catholic truth society bible, London bible (published by Eyre and Spottiswoode Limited), Dublin bible (certified 1857), Sathyavedapusthakam (Malayalam) and Malayalam bible.

The glossaries will be culminative; an article explained already will not normally be repeated in a subsequent glossary.

Some Sanskrit terms have been used in the text in their Malayalam forms. For example, Siva in Sanskrit is Sivan in Malayalam, jnana jnanam, papa papam, dharma dharmam and Rama Raman. Since Malayalam is closely related to Sanskrit in its scriptural and literary expressions, such a form will not detract in any manner from the sense of those terms.

Except where otherwise specified, the verbal definitions cited are from Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 1979.

The glossary and the index of the two books have been integrated in each case. They have been provided in such form at the end of The Judgement on christianity.

In certain cases, specialist term or terms used in a particular sense have been expressly defined or otherwise explained.

Citations from Insight are indicated by page number only; the relevant topics could not be further gone into within the mutually complementary plans of this series and of the similarly continuous journal. (Copies of Insight are available to readers on request.)

In the case of The Judgement on christianity, the main body of the work improvised itself segmentally. This explains the recurrence of certain footnotes and a few elements in the text.

It is hoped that the Ancient Mother series of continuing titles will contribute towards elimination from consciousness through correct knowledge of the phenomenal affectation of which their pages treat.