Kingdom of God

Bible Decoded:

Is this really the Kingdom of God?

Jesus tries to nip in the bud all realistic observation of his kingdom of god. Consider the cunning words in the book of Luke 18:17: “Whoever does not receive the kingdom of god like a little child will not enter into it.”

What Jesus alludes to here is not the innocence of children, but rather their lack of judgement. Like children walking with gusto into dangerous waters, you should step freely into his kingdom and be damned without a tale to tell.

When Jesus said, little children are well qualified to enter kingdom of God he is unwittingly saying that sin did not originate in Man. Here see the contradiction: Jesus says in the book of Mark 7:14-16: “Listen to me, all of you, and grasp this; nothing that finds its way into a man from outside can make him unclean; what makes a man unclean is what comes out of a man. Listen, you that have ears to hear with.”

With this statement it is impossible to agree. For, it is not what comes out of him that corrupts man, but what goes into him from outside. Jesus said the opposite in order to vilify human nature and to breed guilt in him. It is wrong even under the so-called christian theology. It says that Adam was corrupted by a being from outside rebelliously designated as serpent.

Jesus attacks man in his language system newly acquired by way of Mary as evil by nature. Mindful of this new system, he repeatedly asks everyone to “grasp” what he means to say.

However, sin takes birth not from man but from Satan, presently operating as Jesus. It is this Satan that seeks to deploy his own sin in man.

Jesus seeks to inculcate that sin lies in man. This would have been true if sin had originated in man. But sin only originated in Satan the devil supreme. This is also in perfect conformity with the account in Genesis of the origin of sin, the first and only articulator of sin being jehovah-god. Genesis 4:7 reads: “There is sin crouching at the entrance.” This means sin is still inertial––“crouching”––inside its maiden spokesman herein, namely, jehovah-god.

It is even erroneous to hold that man is corrupted by what goes out of him. The fact is that what goes out of man frees him from it. Listen, you that have ears to hear with!

Satan, alias jehovah, reaches the surface of the earth from his regular abode of hell through the instrumentality of Moses. Moses’ past history pre-eminently qualifies him as the primary tool of Satan in his designs against the human race. Moses was a murderer in the service of Satan already before his enlistment.

Exodus 2:11-12: “Now it came about in those days, as Moses was becoming

strong, that he went out to his brothers; and he caught sight of a certain Egyptian striking a certain Hebrew. So he turned this way and that and saw there was nobody in sight. And he slew the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.”

The pharaoh got wind of the crime and the coward Moses fled the country in fear of execution. Gabriel and immediately afterwards the so-called jehovah now appeared to the fleeing evildoer.

Exodus 3:4-5: “God called him and said: ‘Moses! Moses!’ to which he said: ‘Here am I, at your command.’ Then he said: ‘Do not come nearer. Take the shoes from off your feet.’” The god predictably added in rebellion: “because the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

This was how Satan made it to the surface from the nether world where he dropped under propulsion of rebellion. With Moses still wearing his shoes, the necessary initial contact with earth would hardly be realised. On that account he commanded Moses to remove his shoes.

The last biblical writer, Jude, a known kinsman of Jesus by way of Mary, unwittingly acknowledges the reward given to Moses for his unequalled services. The writing is Jude 9. Accordingly, Moses’ body is presently in hell, notwithstanding a dispute between Michael and Beelzebub, who clearly is the present custodian. The more faithfully you serve, the more the torments! A say about Satan.